This mural is the first of a four part series titled Re-connection. The four murals each represent a step of the creative process: Imagine, Manifest, Create, and Return. Such a process ends where it begins and begins again, feeding itself into a circle: a cycle. Imagine was inspired by a dream. The lesson was to follow and reach for your goals and to let go of people who hold you back. Because reality is based on things that were once only ideas or imagined possibilities, the mural encourages people to follow their imagination and believe the impossible. This wall was painted in 2015 and the second installment is currently awaiting the right wall.

An Albuquerque-based street artist, Release works mainly with aerosol, acrylic, latex, and oil-based paints. His work explores energy in motion, humanity's relationship to the earth, its animals, our ancestors, and the universe beyond. Through hidden language in his art he aims to uplift the public realms with natural imagery and geometric style writing.