This mural was created specifically for FireFlower Craft Cannabis and encompasses their motto "Explore an Enchanted State". In the mural a woman allows her imagination to roam free. Out of her mind, an explosion erupts as she explores the imagery of prickly pear cacti, fire flames, flowers, space, and cannabis. She looks forward towards the road and emplores you too to explore an enchanted state.

Brianna Gardocki is a professional multimedia artist. Her preferred mediums include digital art, murals, and paintings. Through her artistic talents, Brianna is able to visually express her thoughts and put a colorful spin on the world around her. Brianna’s work is defined by her vibrant color palettes, crisp bold lines, and imaginative themes. She tackles a wide range of subjects in her work and takes inspiration from music, films, pop culture, and other visual artists. Brianna uses her inspirations to ignite her creativity and create stylized and imaginative artworks.

Photo By
Brianna Gardocki