This one is dedicated to all the moms from @wemfer and @jaderaquelh

Nazario Sandoval, a.k.a. Wemfer, excels in collaborative projects as he believes it brings out the best in us. In 2020 he brought 15 other artists into his many projects, completing 75 murals. Wemfer started doing graffiti art in the early 90s and gradually transitioned to murals over the years. He relocated to Albuquerque for work, by way of Denver and by way of Las Cruces. With a full-time job during the week, he fits in his artistic projects, murals, collaborations and community involvement on the weekends (as he says, "art doesn't come with a 401K"). His prolific work ethic has paid off however with collaborations coming from all the cities he's lived in.

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Downtown Albuquerque Arts & Cultural District