An expert in native & medicinal plants, Maclovia Zamora influenced the plant imagery in the mural. The lead artist began to see weeds as a symbol of Barelas, interweaving the historic narratives of farming in the area. Like the weeds, Barelas looks ordinary at first but has remarkable qualities and is remarkably resilient, along with its people. She represented their resilience with weeds, their strength with butterflies and their future with children. The mural “Resilience” took two years to complete, working with 21 students.

Nanibah “Nani” Chacon is a Dine (Navajo) and Chicana artist. Nani is most noted for her female figurative works, which utilize bold colors and an illustrative format to create commentary on Native, Chicana and American culture. Nani was born in Gallup, NM and grew up in both Chinli, AZ and Corrales, NM. Her clan is To dich iini (bitter water) and born of Chicano people. At 16 she was introduced to graffiti and began a career as a graffiti writer and continued this practice for the next 10 years. Nani continues to work in the field of large murals, with content addressing social, environmental and political justices that affect native peoples.

Supported By
City of Albuquerque 1% for Art, Bernalillo County 1% for Art, Working Classroom, Washington Middle School, Public Service Company of NM, Huning Castle Neighborhood Association, Ripe Inc.