This mural was painted on the Piedra Lisa Dam, a City of ALbuquerque Storm Drainage facility at the foot of the Sandias. It consists of desert landscape imagery painted in beige, brown, and deep earth tone rose colors.

Nancy says, 'Having a degree in geology plus a broad background in archaeology and anthropology constantly fuel my interest in earlier lands. I have spent over forty years visiting remote areas of the Southwest, the North and South American continents, Europe and recently, Turkey, Morocco, and Thailand, gathering impressions of ancient man and his land. These impressions seem to roll around in my subconscious and gradually resurface in my work. I have been working with etching prints and handmade/handcast paper for over thirty years. In both mediums, I have found I am able to best express my feelings about this amazing world we live in. My hope is that the person viewing the work will react to it from his past experiences and will enjoy it from his point of view. What I felt in creating it will be different from the viewers perspective, but shared responses will link the viewer and the artist through the piece.'

Supported By
City of Albuquerque 1% for Art