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Business and property owners post here if you are seeking artist proposals for your mural project, upload photos and more...

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    Rocky Mountain Youth Corps
    Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC) is a youth development organization that provides life skills training and workforce credentials to youth and young adults through a variety of programs in northern and central New Mexico. These programs include the Conservation Program, the Canine Leadership Program, the American Sign Language Program and the Native American Program. RMYC also manages a substance abuse and prevention program in Taos. Corpsmembers work on a large variety of land conservation, recreation, historic preservation and environmental education projects on public land that preserve the natural environment and support the local economy. Learn more at

    The Taos Mural Project

    A crew of 8 Corpsmembers will be painting the mural under the direction of the muralist. A specific location and design of the mural are not yet determined. We will rely on the creativity of the muralist and the Corpsmembers to design the mural; however, the mural should represent the mission of RMYC and the impact it has on the lives of Corpsmembers and the landscapes of Taos.

    We plan to complete the mural within one week either during the week of April 25th to the 29th of May 2nd to the 6th. The budget for the mural includes $4,500 in supplies. The budget for the muralist is $4,500 inclusive of transportation, insurance, and all other costs. RMYC is hiring a videographer under a separate budget to prepare a short video of the project

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