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    My name is Gilbert White, and I am a Navajo artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I believe that art is a powerful tool of communication, and I use art to provoke positive and creative thoughts in people who take the time to observe my work. Art is extremely valuable to society because we tend to go through life unconsciously, relying on our habits and instincts, but art is like shock therapy, removing people from their normal patterns of thinking. The result is more people paying attention to the present moment, exercising their imaginations and being sensitive to their emotions including aesthetic pleasure. I pull inspiration mostly from knowledge that I learn in school, incorporating concepts from science, math and philosophy. I am also deeply inspired by nature, because nature is the most magnificent art that humans have spent lifetimes learning from. My process involves focusing on a profound message and brainstorming visually appealing designs that symbolize the message I wish to share. The finished product displays a surreal dreamscape with meaning to discover in every brushstroke. I find that my specialties include a balanced composition, high contrast, and vibrant colors. I am most familiar with acrylic paint and have experience with spray paint. I additionally love to collaborate with other artists and visionaries to challenge my evolving capabilities.

    My goal as a human being is to remind others of the beauty and wisdom in the world, and I have found mural art to be the most effective way to accomplish this desire. I have had the pleasure of participating in three mural projects. I first contributed to an elementary school mural with my art club in 9th grade. The second mural was a collaborative endeavor with young artist Whisper Crow-Dog at a pre-college summer program called College Horizons, where we painted a wall at Rochester University in New York and showcased the programs objectives to connect Native American students to their cultural roots and support their future in higher education. My most recent mural was an individual project where I created a 5 ft. by 12 ft. acrylic painting for Volcano Vista high school’s new STEAM lab on campus. I was a senior at the time and successfully executed this mural with limited guidance from my art teacher. All these projects inspired me to conduct a research paper regarding the axiology of public murals to indigenous communities in the Albuquerque area. I hope to continue creating murals and learning about the process, because I would like to share my unique point of view with my local communities. Thank you for your time and careful consideration. I look forward to hearing more about these extraordinary opportunities to beautify the city of Albuquerque.

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