Gravity Bound is a brewery which focuses very much on utilizing more sustainable practices. The artist wanted to evoke something which reminds us of the wonder of the natural world, particularly that of the Southwest desert and all of its unique mythologies. The jackalope has stopped in for a drink from the stream, indicative of the “watering hole” vibe of a local brewery.

Local artist and farmer, Molly Mendenhall has a background in a variety of art forms. Molly has been painting and drawing since childhood but has also worked in jewelry beading, basket weaving and more. You may have seen her work alongside the produce she sells at the @downtowngrowers market over the years. Murals are a new platform for Molly and the two pieces for Gravity Bound Brewery are 2 of 3 murals she's completed over the past year.

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Downtown Albuquerque Arts & Cultural District