I chose to reference Bless Me, Ultima, not only because of the place it holds in New Mexican literature, but because its
symbols and imagery convey the sweetest, richest elements of New Mexican life that we struggle to hold on to. I have created “Ultima’s Herb Garden,” a comprehensive illustrated diagram of the medicinal herbs mentioned in the book and
the herbs that have been used by southern dwellers for centuries. It will include a detailed painting with the plant’s name, where
to find them, and their properties. I intended the colors to be rich and warm, and the flat painting approach to harken back to
Spanish and Mexican folk-art styles. Through this piece, I want to communicate the sacredness of preserving our land and our
ways. The ways of the farmers, the ranchers, the curanderas, the mothers, and the children of Antonio’s time and before. A way
to honor their lifestyles and the delicate symbiotic balance they held between themselves and the land. And lastly, I would like to
honor Rudolfo Anaya’s extensive efforts and contributions to preserving Hispanic culture and our stories.

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City of Albuquerque Public Art Program
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City of Albuquerque Public Art Program