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Espanola, NM, mural artist Kevin Allende, also known as Kause, currently residing in Santa Fe, NM, has completed plenty of artwork locally and regionally, with perhaps his most well-known piece being a mural of the Kardashian sisters when they were children, amid crops of corn, beans and squash, on a wall in Las Cruces. Thanks to social media, word spread of the mural of the three young girls’ faces, each painted in front of a different crop, and sparked controversy in the community.

His inspiration to be an artist comes from his dad Jorge Allende, a musician and artist who lives in Santa Fe. As a teenager, Kevin started "style writing" art in tunnels and in his backyard in Alcalde before he took a big step as lead artist in various mural art projects. Some of Allende’s projects include the Rio En Medio/ Chupadero Community Center with the help of Teen Court youth participants and volunteers, as well as a basketball Santa Fe style mural in the Toby Roybal Memorial Gymnasium at Santa Fe High School in honor of the 2018-2019 team.