This mural and roadway enhancement is a collaboration between Jim Hirschfield and Sonya Ishii. It includes colored tile designs, stepped retaining walls, light boxes, a pedestrian land bridge, and accordion walls with images of animals and birds.

Jim Hirschfield and Sonya Ishii have worked as a team for nearly three decades. Together, Hirschfield and Ishii have created over 40 public art projects ranging from freestanding sculpture to sculptural environments. Influenced by a site’s characteristics, their designs can be traced to the parameters of a site. At the same time, they strive to create works that ensure a variety of poetic experiences. Their projects succeed through strong aesthetic designs that engage the viewer; once engaged, a discovery of layers of meaning begins, providing the participant with a multifaceted and meaningful experience.

Supported By
City of Albuquerque 1% for Public Art, Wilson and Company, Wilkinson Miller Ltd, Landscape Architects, & Sites Southwest