From Colombia’s vibrant culture, colors, sounds and dense natural scenery, to the States’ vast landscape and fast-paced urban environments, Ortiz superimposes elements from each location. The result is a self-idealistic vision.

man looking down at camera
Felipe Ortiz's multicultural upbringing and travels between his native Colombia and United States helps him gain and understand a wider perspective in his artistic interests. In recent years, he has explored and presented a variety of styles and themes in his paintings, which are based on three practices: observation, drawing, and composition. Thematic variations include but are not limited to urban and industrial scenery, nature, abstracted geometry, expressive mark making, and a hybrid between all of these themes, which can define a more personal, unique and stylized painting. He invites the viewer to enjoy his art almost as a modern surrealist, where each element in the painting is carefully selected, investigating the possibilities of an imaginative view with in a world of associated imagery that lead up to a personal and open interpretation.