Designed for the then, brand new headquarters of Working Classroom youth art center. This mural tells the history of the organization and what it stands for. Visit the mural during the summer months around noon and see the painted spotlight illuminate a Latin American revolutionary hero.

Drawing of Eric J. Garcia
Eric J. Garcia blends history, contemporary themes and a graphic style to create politically charged art that reaches beyond aesthetics. Using sculpture, mixed media installations, murals, printmaking and his controversial political cartoons, he aims to challenge his viewers to question sources of power and the whitewashing of history. Received his BFA with a minor in Chicano studies from the University of New Mexico, Eric Garcia went on to completed his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is a core member of the printmaking collective, Instituto Gráfico de Chicago and is a teaching artist. Garcia has exhibited nationally and his work can be found in the collections of the National Museum of Mexican Art, the National Hispanic Cultural Center and the Art Institute of Chicago.