This mural was created specifically for Alchemy Wellness and encompasses what they do through imagery and elements of alternative methods of physical and mental health. In the middle of the mural are Earth and other planets that have the alchemy symbols within: fire, water, Earth, and air. There is also a floating cannabis flower representing their cannabis education. In alchemy, the moon is a feminine property that represents balance. The feminine figures are symmetrical and opposite by representing air, Earth, and Mother Nature on the right side, while representing water on the left side. The lotus flower and grass on the ends of the mural represent rebirth and growth.

Brianna Gardocki is a professional multimedia artist currently residing in Albuquerque, NM. Her creativity is best reflected in digital art, paintings, and printmaking. Her work possesses a unique style, which includes bright colors, bold lines, and imaginative subjects. Brianna’s art is influenced by pop art, comic book art, and objectivity.

Photo By
Brianna Gardocki