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Joshua Santos Rivera, also known under the pseudonyms of "Bik", "Ismo" and "Bik-Ismo" was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico in 1981. The distinctive symbol of this urban artist is the toaster. Joshua has worked as a graffiti artist for 16 years, which has allowed him to belong to prestigious urban arts groups, such as The Nasty Boys(TNB) and Masters at Destruction(MAD). Among his achievements are being the artist who organized the first exhibition of graffiti on canvas in Puerto Rico, entitled "Virtuosos of Aerosol (Enlaces Gallery, San Juan, PR, 2002), and be the first to organize an exhibition of urban art in Puerto Rico, entitled "Exhibition" (Enlaces Gallery, San Juan, PR, 2003). These exhibitions opened their doors to other urban artists so they could present their work in more formal settings. Also, "Ismo" painted the largest mural in the Caribbean: A water tank (Caguas, Puerto Rico, 2008). His art has transcended borders, making his art exhibit in countries such as Japan ( Lapnet Ship, Harayuku, Japan, 2005), Spain (La Casa Pintada, Linares, Spain), Italy (Foundation, Padova, Italy, 2009) and States United States (New York, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008).