From sheep grazing in the area during the18th century to the arrival of Manuel Martín nearly a hundred years later, the Martineztown area has always been an important agricultural and cultural area of our state and city. The neighborhood has a long and rich history and holds a distinct place in the city of Albuquerque. It is also home to the city’s oldest high school, Albuquerque High. It was with this history in mind that the ideas for “Life Grows in Martineztown” developed. These eight students looked at the neighborhood, listened to stories from community members, and worked to design a mural that would celebrate a cycle of life that showed all elements of the Martineztown and Santa Barbara areas, from farming to the San Ignacio Church. The mural they came up with shows a Martineztown connected to its past, its present, and its future. Muralist Olivia Sim said, “I think the mural highlights the color and vibrancy that makes up Martineztown.”

Albuquerque High School students - Marissa Abeyta, Mariah Abeyta, Zoë Becker, Emily Bolton, Felice Foster, BreOnna Lucero, Olivia Sim, and MaryJane Ybarra - explored the history of the Martineztown neighborhood for their mural on one of the school's portable buildings with grant funding from the APS Education Foundation.

This mural was made possible through the generous support of the Albuquerque Education Foundation’s Horizon Grant and in-kind donations from Territorial Scaffold, Inc. Additional support was given by the Martineztown community, Principal Ryan Homistek, and the Albuquerque High School community.