This mural seeks to establish the importance of DKB Sellers and his successful creation of Nob Hill while portraying a visual representation of Nob Hill’s transformation in the last 100 years. With these two objectives in mind, Stromberg created an image that is informative, while also allowing the viewer to pose questions of their own.

Aaron Stromberg is an Albuquerque artist, and competitive rock climbing climbing coach. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UNM, and with double honors. Magna Cum Laude for GPA, and Summa Cum Laude for his graduating solo art show “Interfaith”. The show explored Aaron's identity growing up Catholic, and how the religions around the world shaped his identity today. Since graduating Aaron has been busy creating designs for local organizations, with Stone Age Climbing Gym being his main employer. Aaron has been the artistic director and muralist for the national climbing competition, the Yank-N-Yard. Allowing Aaron to combine two of his favorite passions, rock climbing and muralism, it is the only climbing competition where you can watch professionals climbing across murals, and has helped to make the Yank-N-Yard a premiere climbing competition in the United States.

When he is not working on an art project you can find Aaron hiking in the Sandias with his wife and dogs, or skateboarding with his longtime friends. He is also the co-head of NM Mojo, Albuquerque's competitive climbing team that is ranked top 10 in the nation. His smile is infectious, and his positivity is sometimes overwhelming, but when you see him say hi! He loves to talk well past the point the conversation should have ended, but he will make you feel important and tries his best to make everyone feel loved.