The monumental mural on Warehouse 508 is visible from the bridge into Downtown on Martin Luther King Boulevard and from the trains passing through Downtown. Noble says, "Quantum Bridge embodies my response to the interests and challenges of the young artists of the Warehouse 508 mural program. It is a semi-abstract time travel epic with aesthetic roots in comics, graffiti and Hip-Hop."

A group of ten young artists posing in front of the mural they have just finished. Two of them are kneeling and shaking hands.
Inspired by comic book imagery, Aaron Noble's paintings incorporate superhero body parts morphed, stretched and free floating in a "negative space" landscape. He is known in San Francisco for his earlier WPA-styled outdoor murals depicting the city's labor history. Now his interests involve contemporary popular street culture, Western comic art, Japanese anime and manga, video games, and technology.

Supported By
City of Albuquerque Public Arts Program, The FUNd at Albuquerque Community Foundation, Keep Albuquerque Beautiful