The monumental mural on Warehouse 508 is visible from the bridge into Downtown on Martin Luther King Boulevard and from the trains passing through Downtown. Noble says, "Quantum Bridge embodies my response to the interests and challenges of the young artists of the Warehouse 508 mural program. It is a semi-abstract time travel epic with aesthetic roots in comics, graffiti and Hip-Hop."

Using "reclaimed" house paint taken from chemical disposal facilities, found wood, and discarded books, Noble constructs multi-layered, collaged paintings and assemblages which reference ancient cultures and spiritual traditions, but with just a hint of smart-ass. Homages to criminal saints, a bodhisattva telling a fart joke, events of divine banality and cosmic significance, stripped of pretense or stuffed with it. Either way, it is all holy shit.

Supported By
City of Albuquerque Public Arts Program, The FUNd at Albuquerque Community Foundation, Keep Albuquerque Beautiful