One side of this mural features Aztec dancers in traditional attire, juxtaposed against the contemporary skyline of Albuquerque. On the opposite side of the wall, modern-day Hispanic citizens are dressed for the office and stand in front of Mexican temples in Tenochtitlan. The juxtaposition recalls a glorious past, and the contemporary viewpoint reminds us that we are all combinations of a past and a present.

PAZ is an artist of multiple abilities and has an established reputation as a jewelry designer, sculptor, painter and Aztec dancer. The Albuquerque artist describes his current style as ranging from "traditional to futuristic." He adds, "I like to take traditional and contemporary themes and work them back and forth . . . somewhere in between lies the vision I seek." In creating his sculptures and drawings, PAZ says, "I don’t feel like I can deny my Native, Spanish or American heritages." He began his art career in 1971 and later trained other Native Americans in the art of jewelry making under a government program. During stays in Mexico, he learned the dances and traditions of the ancient Aztec empire and now leads an Aztec dance group called Ehectl (the Wind).